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Marsha Gonzales e: p: (505) 681-4941
I have a lifetime of fitness experience ranging from competetive body building to running, cycling and rock climbing. My experience and expertise enable me to work with the average fitness- oriented individual who is interested in weight loss, strength traing and body sculpting. An extensive knowledge of nutrition offers me the opportunity to assist my clients in developing a healthy lifestyle. I motivate clients to meet their personal goals in a manner that emphsizes fun and a feeling of accomplishment. In order to provide the highest quality of training to my clients, I keep abreast of the most recent information in the area of fitness through continuing educational opportunities.
Certifications ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)[Exercise Physiologist] Cooper Institute (Nutrition for Health and Fitness) XT Specialist (Explosive Training) AAAI SMA (American Aerobic Association International) ADAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)[Cycle Reebok] EFG (Esquerre Fitness Group Flexibility Training) Body Code and Pegasus (Movement Patten Correction Systems) [Master Stretch] Heart, Lung and Covid Certified Exercise Specialist at Presbyterian Healthplex BLS, CPR and AED Certified Blood Flow Restriction Trainer (Blood flow restriction is the brief and intermittent occlusion of arterial and venous blood flow using a tourniquet while at rest or exercising. Using this technique, you can exercise using significantly less weight and achieve significant gains in muscle) strength and size. It is great for anyone who is injured or having a problem developing certain muscle.
My Method
My approach to training is holistic and carefully designed, based on each client’s individual needs (body, mind and spirit). My goal is to provide sound training, motivation, healthful nutritional planning, strength and a dramatic body transformation implementing power, agility and a strong core. My fitness programs are based on scientific protocols which meet a client’s wide range of needs and goals. I have worked with clients seeking rehabilitation after an injury or stroke, highly fit athletes, clients who want to lose weight, and those who want to gain strength and muscle as they become leaner. I give each new client a complete fitness assessment: injury/pain (muscle, nerve, or joint problems), length tension relationships, muscle activation patterns, posture, stability, balance/coordination, strength, power/speed/agility, endurance. I design an individualized fitness program for each client. I look at a client’s nutritional profile and make recommendations that will help meet the client’s goals. I respectfully encourage each client to attain a healthy lifestyle.
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Idea Professional Recognition for Health and Fitness FISH (New Mexico Sports and Wellness) - Outstanding Customer Service and going the Extra Mile 5-time Personal Trainer of the Year (New Mexico Sports and Wellness) 2017 Albuquerque Small Business Excellence Award Rio Grande Racing Team’s Sixth Annual Record Challenge Time Trial
Cycling, Weightlifting, HIIT
Home Of The Great Workout!
Home Of The Great Workout!
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