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TRX Straps Now Available

TRX Training (also known as Suspension Training) refers to an approach to strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a "suspension trainer" to allow users to work against their own body weight. Many believe that TRX training not only develops core body strength but also increases joint and muscular stability while reducing the chance of injury associated with other forms of resistance training.

We Have Kettlebells!

We now have an assortment of KETTLEBELLS for our customers to use (ranging from 15-45lbs). Try them, they can give you a very demanding workout!

Membership Changes

No initiation fees charged when you sign up as a member Electronic Fund Transfer available to automatically pay your membership dues from your debit or credit card. Please see Rates & Hours page for more information!

New Aerobic Equipment

We recently installed two new high-end exercise machines that will proper your cardio workouts to a new level: Life Fitness Cross-Trainer Life Fitness Powermill

New Weight-Lifting Equipment

We recently installed new heavy duty power/squat racks on our weight room floor: Life Fitness HD Elite Half Rack
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