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John Hocker e: p: 505-290-2315
I have a lifetime of fitness experience ranging from competetive body building to running, cycling and rock climbing. My experience and expertise enable me to work with the average fitness- oriented individual who is interested in weight loss, strength traing and body sculpting. An extensive knowledge of nutrition offers me the opportunity to assist my clients in developing a healthy lifestyle. I motivate clients to meet their personal goals in a manner that emphsizes fun and a feeling of accomplishment. In order to provide the highest quality of training to my clients, I keep abreast of the most recent information in the area of fitness through continuing educational opportunities.
Certifications University of New Mexico degree in exercise science ACE Certified Personal Trainer Competitive Amateur Bodybuilder
My Approach
As the owner of Take Charge Fitness Personal Training Services I am committed to providing a no non-sense approach to fitness. The fun and exciting atmosphere of Liberty Gym is contagious and where I choose to train my clients. I believe if you set a goal and commit yourself to achieving your goal, you can accomplish great things and you will never regret your choice to be committed to fitness. I look forward to working with you to achieve your fitness goals. Committing to engage in a fitness program and getting fit is something you can do for yourself - and I can help. Although friends and family can encourage you, no one can get in shape for you BUT YOU - make the decision and take charge of your destiny TODAY. Let’s get going and start making your goals become reality! I have a lifetime of fitness and training experince to offer you. If you are as serious about fitness as me, Liberty Gym is the place to be. Keep a sunny outlook on the possibilities of what you can become. Together we can make it happen. If not now, when? I encourage you to take action NOW to create a better you with my help!
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