Liberty Gym/PNM Energy Project

Question: can a gymnasium conserve energy in a way that benefits its customers?

We can, and we did! Liberty Gym owner Doug Gaylor teamed up with the Facility Solutions Group at PNM and conducted an "Energy Audit"and concluded that lighting fixtures over the main facility workout floor were not only providing high levels of light, they were also "warming up" the room. This photo, provided by PNM, shows Doug on the left: We partnered with PNM to develop an energy solution to meet these goals: Reduce heat that radiated by inefficient overhead lighting Lower our daily consumption of energy that we purchase from PNM Pass on energy bill savings to our gym customers (by stabilizing our membership rates) PNM’s thorough analysis of our existing lighting determined that we needed to: Retrofit our existing 52 lamps and ballasts to new technology fluorescent fixtures o Each old light fixture was drawing 1000 watts of power; the new fixtures draw 180 watts of power! o Upgrade 9 additional fixtures to higher performing units o Let PNM cover 82% of the project costs using rebates AND handle the rebate paperwork The results of our partnership with PNM speak for themself: Projected $5,500 annual savings in energy costs Negligible loss of illumination within the gym Less demand for air conditioning during expensive summer months A greener, more efficient gym for everyone to enjoy! To learn how your business can partner with PNM for an audit of your energy consumption (and read more information about Liberty Gym’s partnering with PNM), please click HERE
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