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When I was in eighth grade, I got my hands on two college text books: one on anatomy and physiology, the other psychology. I was ecstatic and pored over the books, absorbing every bit of information. It was fun. Even at the age of 14, I found human behavior and body movement fascinating. The interest blossomed, leading me to becoming a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and life coach.  	As a trainer, I don’t only teach alignment and movement. I help my clients uncover the motivations for their behavior. The body is simply a mirror of our own thoughts and feelings. If you understand what’s driving unhealthy behaviors or thought patterns, you’ll be able to free yourself. You’ll move out of a place of reaction and into a place of conscious choice.  	To do this, we need a guide who will gently take us into those darker parts of ourselves. We often consider these parts as being character flaws, but to me, they are simply hidden aspects of ourselves that are in need of acceptance and integration. Many people prefer to ignore these parts of their being. The truth is, we all have our blind spots and wounds, no matter how polished we look on the outside.  	I love digging in and diving deep. I’m obsessed with it. I love wrestling with an issue until I have an epiphany of fresh awareness. Instead of running from painful emotions, my proclivity is to run into it headfirst until I know and understand it intimately. I can only guide others through this process because I have taken an intense look at my own wounds and have gone through the healing process myself. Helping alleviate suffering for another human being is what brings me joy and makes me feel like I’m living my purpose.   As Featured in the October 2016 issue of Albuquerque the Magazine
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 My Philosophy