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I have a lifetime of fitness experience ranging from competetive body building to running, cycling and rock climbing. My experience and expertise enable me to work with the average fitness- oriented individual who is interested in weight loss, strength traing and body sculpting. An extensive knowledge of nutrition offers me the opportunity to assist my clients in developing a healthy lifestyle. I motivate clients to meet their personal goals in a manner that emphsizes fun and a feeling of accomplishment. In order to provide the highest quality of training to my clients, I keep abreast of the most recent information in the area of fitness through continuing educational opportunities.
Certifications NPC National Athlete NHCA Insured IFPA Certified Member of The New Mexico Governor’s Board of Health and Fitness
My Approach
For the last ten years I have been working as a personal trainer helping individuals to achieve their personal goals such as weight loss, learning to eat better and creating a better lifestyle for themselves without them feeling as if they have to give up everything they currently know. My approach is to work with people’s current lifestyle, making small changes to show them that better choices can be made and results can be achieved. Too many times people may feel intimidated when trying to attain a personal goal of weight loss or a healthier lifestyle. I show each of my clients that “change and improvement” can be fun and not as hard as society portrays. There is no such thing as “I can't!!!" Daniel Rocha NPC National Athlete
Services Fitness Training Nutrition Counseling Nutrition Management Fitness Therapy Rehab Therapy Motivation Techniques Goal Setting
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